PET Microchipping in the comfort of your own home

* Compulsory dog microchipping is now in force in England *

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Thousands of pets go missing every year in the U.K. and sadly, many are never reunited with their owners as they cannot be traced.

From 6th April 2016, it is law in England that all dogs must be fitted with a microchip by 8 weeks of age and the microchip's registration details must also be accurate, otherwise a £500 fine may apply.  Puppies MUST be chipped by the breeder and registered in the breeder's name before rehoming.

As a responsible pet owner, having your pet microchipped provides reassurance that should your furry one be found and scanned, you will be contacted - even if in unfortunate least you will get closure.
Microchipping, is a simple straightforward subcutaneous injection, cost from only £10 with discounts for multiple pets/breeders.
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Professional Pet Microchipping